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Narcissique is an independent premium streetwear brand, founded in 2019 in Paris by Amine Mekri.

We dress a society who flips the misrepresentations of narcissism to go on a compelling journey of self-discovery and self-love. Simple and bold, our garments invite people to look in the mirror and embrace their uniqueness because this is their power. Narcissique is an everyday reminder to love you more.



Amine "Prime" Mekri

Born and raised in a deprived suburb of Paris in La Courneuve, Prime started his career in Canada as an American Football athlete. While ranking among the best national players in his category, a knee injury shattered his dream of playing in the NFL. He reinvented himself by putting his mind and energy into new creative endeavors.

Entirely self-made and self-produced, Amine is today a content creator inspiring millions of fans on social media, an independent multi-awarded rap artist and an accomplished entrepreneur, standing among the most charismatic urban culture figures in France.

Prime created .NARCISSIQUE in 2019 with the purpose to reverse the narrative around the concept of narcissism, inviting people to take the time to look inside themselves, embrace their image in the mirror and find the true meaning of their existence.

All .NARCISSIQUE clothing manufacture is based in Portugal, where items are made from the best available fabric. Manufacture is sweatshop free and working conditions are ethical.

We are conducting an always-on research on process, supply chain and sustainability to enhance the brand’s positive impact on the environment and the community.